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Electrician Suing White Sox for Roof Top Accident

An electrician who was injured while working at Guaranteed Rate Field is trying to collect damages from the Chicago White Sox and two other defendants who he says were liable for the accident. In Zahumensky v. Chicago White Sox Lmtd., the plaintiff claims that the defendants’ negligence created an unsafe work environment that led to his injury. A circuit court granted summary judgment in favor of the defendants, but an appellate court overturned that ruling for two of the defendants. Case Details The plaintiff worked for a sign company that …
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Illinois Supreme Court Allows Woman to Sue City Over Dangerous Sidewalk

It is notoriously difficult to pursue a civil case against a government entity at any level. The concept of “sovereign immunity” dates back many centuries, and the idea has been codified in several Illinois statutes. In short, lawsuits against the government are handled under a different set of rules than lawsuits against private individuals, companies, or other entities. Sometimes, unfortunately, the principle is applied too liberally, and injured victims are denied their chance to seek justice. Earlier this month, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled that a woman whose case was …
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