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“They’re Not Going to Even Pay My Medical Bills?” – Issues Getting Medical Bills Into Evidence at Trial

  One of the most common refrains we hear from clients is that they want the at-fault party to pay for their medical bills.  This is obvious and understandable.  Medical care can be incredibly expensive and exorbitant bills for treatment made necessary by an injury can quickly create financial hardship, especially those who are uninsured or under-insured.   However, when trying to resolve injury cases, insurance companies frequently offer settlement amounts less than the charges for the medical care caused by their insured’s negligence.  This is a mystery to most people …
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3 Ways to Protect Yourself From Car Accident Injuries

One of the most dangerous and unpredictable places you can be is on the road behind the wheel of your car. There are so many other drivers and outside factors around you, meaning anything could happen in a split second. Car accidents often occur out of nowhere with little to no warning signs, which makes them frightening. They can also cause extensive damage to your vehicle and serious injuries to yourself or your passengers. While some accidents are unavoidable, you can take steps to protect yourself from injury. Here are …
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