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Medical Malpractice Attorneys Help  Families Recover Compensation for Babies Injured at Birth in Illinois

When a child is injured at or before birth, he or she may face a lifetime of obstacles and challenges. In many cases, the child’s family members are forced to rearrange their lives to care for the child. Cerebral palsy, or CP, is one of the most common types of birth injuries. It can be caused by mistakes made by doctors and other medical professionals during intrauterine development and during labor and delivery. At Walsh, Knippen & Cetina, Chartered, we understand that not every case of cerebral palsy is caused by a doctor’s error, but those that are may provide the basis for a medical malpractice claim.

Understanding CP

CP refers to a group of neurological disorders that affect an individual’s ability to move and to develop physically. CP is caused when normal brain development is disrupted, and these disruptions most often occur before or at birth. In some cases, the disruption is associated with a genetic abnormality or an infectious disease. Medical research suggests, however, that a large number of CP cases are caused by fetal distress prior to or during delivery. Many of these cases might have been prevented but for mistakes—some rising to the level of malpractice—by medical staff.

For example, if a doctor fails to order fetal heart rate monitoring during labor, distress may go unnoticed until it is too late. Similarly, a failure to order a necessary cesarean section could lead to fetal distress and a lack of oxygen to the brain (hypoxia). Both scenarios could represent instances of medical malpractice, depending on the individual circumstances.

Building a Case Following a CP Diagnosis

CP is often not diagnosed until the child is several years old, as the muscle and movement deficiencies may not be evident before then. This means that it can be challenging to pinpoint the cause of the child’s problems. Filing a cerebral palsy birth injury claim requires careful analysis of medical records from pregnancy, and labor and delivery. The skilled attorneys at Walsh, Knippen & Cetina, Chartered have the knowledge and experience to evaluate medical records and we understand the importance of working with experts to determine the cause of the child’s condition.

Depending on the severity of the case, a child who has been diagnosed with CP may require a lifetime of medical care, rehabilitation, and specialized equipment. These needs can have a dramatic impact on the quality of life for the entire family. If your child’s CP was caused by a doctor’s negligence, we can help you recover the compensation you need to give your child the life he or she deserves.

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