Defective Automobiles and Vehicle Parts Still Safety Concerns

Most of us do not consider the risk we take every time we drive or ride in an automobile. Cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles are such an ordinary part of our lives that we forget just how powerful these machines are. The average car now weighs about 4000 lbs. and can reach or even surpass speeds of 100 mph. Even more impressive than motor vehicles’ size and power is their complexity. Estimates place the average number of constituent parts in a car at around 30,000. Each of these parts must work correctly in order for the vehicle to operate the way it is intended to work. When even just one part of a motor vehicle has a design or manufacturing defect, it can turn a safe vehicle into a ticking time bomb.

Class-Action Lawsuit Brought Filed Regarding Nissan Sentra

A class-action lawsuit persists against Nissan even after the company attempted to have the claims dismissed. According to the lawsuit’s plaintiffs, the continuously variable transmissions installed in Nissan Sentras are not working the way they should. Drivers have claimed that the vehicle experiences sudden and sometimes violent jerking or shaking when the accelerator is depressed. This motion, sometimes called shuddering or juddering, is unnerving to those driving the vehicles, to say the least. The plaintiffs also allege that the vehicles hesitate when drivers attempt to speed up. Some Nissan Sentra owners have even experienced vehicle stalling which could contribute to serious car accidents.

Vehicle Defects Represent a Silent Risk to Drivers

The overwhelming majority of the cars on the road at any given time are accurately and safely designed and manufactured. However, the risk of purchasing a car which has a dangerous defect does still exist. In a report published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), it was found that vehicle factors such as problems with tires, brakes, steering, transmission, or suspension were the “critical reason” behind 44,000 car accidents in a three-year period.

Get Help Recovering Compensation for Damages Caused By Defective or Faulty Products

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